Is Merino Wool Itchy? Everything You Need to Know

I was about to order my first merino wool travel shirt. I was excited. I’d done some research. But I was still concerned. Wool wasn’t a lightweight, ideal travel fabric in my mind. I had to know…Is merino wool itchy?

The Internet came to my rescue. I read forums and reviews. No one talked about merino wool being an itchy fabric. So I decided to pull the trigger and buy a travel t-shirt.

TL:DR – Is merino wool itchy? No. Merino wool is not itchy at all. Keep reading to find out why and see the best merino shirts for travelers.

Looking mad stylish in a merino wool t-shirt!
Looking mad stylish in a merino wool t-shirt!

Is Merino Wool Itchy?

My first travel t-shirt came in. I was excited. I ripped open the package and tore off my shirt. It was time to try this thing on ASAP. I ran my fingers through the soft fabric and gave the shirt a quick smell.

Merino wool was soft and it didn’t have an odor. I put the shirt on. It felt amazing. There was no itch. Merino wool was soft and smooth. The fabric was nothing like the wool that suits were made out of.

I was impressed. I looked in the mirror. Merino had a unique sheen to it. The t-shirt didn’t itch. In fact, it felt great and looked way better than your average cotton t-shirt.

Now, I ended up not being a huge fan of my first experience with merino wool. But I fell in love with merino as the ideal fabric for travelers.

After some research, I found the best merino wool t-shirts.

Why Merino Wool Feels Amazing?

If you’re liked me, you probably heard the word “wool” and immediately thought that merino would be one itchy, uncomfortable fabric. Luckily, merino wool isn’t anything like the wool your grandpa used to rock.

Many associate itchiness with wool due to the diameter of the fibers found in typical wool. In “normal” wool garments, the fibers are large, broad, and are not too flexible. This means they’ll often aggravate the skin when pressed up. The fibers simply cannot bend when pressed against the skin, so they feel prickly and itchy.

Easy to ditch the itch with merino wool!
Easy to ditch the itch with merino wool!

Merino wool doesn’t have this issue. You won’t feel itchy when wearing merino because the fibers of the fabric are much finer than traditional wool garments. With a small diameter, these merino fibers have the flexibility and bend when pressed against the skin.

This means merino wool feels soft and comfortable when on your body. As well, the finer nature of these fibers allows merino wool to be elastic in nature. Many merino t-shirts conform to the body of the wearer. Thus, fit travelers tend to look fantastic in merino clothing.

Best Merino Wool Travel Clothes

As I’m such a big fan of merino wool, especially for travelers, I’ve tested a plethora of clothing made from the fabric. While I may not be an expert, I’ve certainly found my favorite merino wool t-shirts, tank tops, and travel socks.

If you’re looking to add stylish, non-itchy merino wool clothing to your wardrobe, check out these articles:

Merino Wool Isn’t Itchy!

Is merino wool itchy? Not at all! The fabric is fine and will feel great on your skin. I promise. For minimalists and travelers alike, merino wool is the ideal fabric for a variety of clothing garments. Highly recommended.

Looking for a great, stylish merino wool t-shirt? Just click here to see my favorite.